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Anwaar Alnaema, a Kuwaiti-born fashion designer and entrepreneur, embarked on her journey in the fashion world around 2014 where she honed her passion for fashion and began cultivating a keen eye for design. 

Over the span of a decade, Alnaema developed a formidable network, yet she recognized a gap: the global recognition of Kuwaiti talent remained elusive. Determined to change this narrative she founded Maison The Astrid.

Acknowledging the abundance of untapped talent in Kuwait, Alnaema observed a common struggle among talented designers - the lack of know-how to showcase their creations to a wider audience. Drawing from her experience, she decided to revolutionize Gulf fashion by infusing it with a fresh perspective. Despite the scarcity of manufacturers in Kuwait at the time, Alnaema envisioned bringing Gulf style to a global platform.

Today, Alneama's vision has transcended her wildest expectations. Kuwaiti designers, once overlooked, are now poised to make a significant impact on the global stage. As she reflects on her journey, Alnaema emphasizes "We aren't merely a destination for purchasing clothing; we're a brand that empowers the aspirations of the modern Middle Eastern woman."

Anwaar Alnaema attributes her entrepreneurial drive to her upbringing, citing her father's influence in instilling a strong business mindset from an early age. With boundless enthusiasm, she reiterates her commitment to her passion, stating, "I'm thrilled to immerse myself once again in this space that I hold dear. For me, it's always been about celebrating fashion, serving our consumers, and evolving alongside them."

In an ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, Alnaema remains steadfast in her dedication to her adaptability because in order to succeed in e-commerce today, you have to be more of a platform.

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